Capital Cycling and Cycling ACT have been planning the 2016 National Capital Tour since the last tour finished in September 2015, and are proud to say that it is definitely going ahead in 2016.

“The hearsay around whether the National Capital Tour was going ahead after the Tour of Toowoomba was postponed for 2016 has been hugely disappointing for our organisational team as well as the cycling community in Canberra.”

“At the end of the day, the athletes that travel to these events make a huge financial commitment to do so, particularly the smaller teams or individual Open entrants who are self-funded, and these sorts of rumours only add to the destabilisation of an already shaky NRS.”

“The Capital Cycling and Cycling ACT team is looking forward to the continued support of CA and the cycling community to help build this race into one of Australia?s premier Open events. We?re looking forward to welcoming cyclists from across all grades in Australia to Canberra in September.”

The 2016 National Capital Tour will host the NRS as well as A, B, C, D Men’s and Women’s races, and will be a part of a bigger ‘Festival of Cycling’ in September in Canberra. This is part of Capital Cycling and Cycling ACT’s vision for Canberra and its surrounding regions to become the premier place in Australia for road cycling.

“We are committed to bringing back open racing to Canberra, and building a race series that properly represents the depth of talent that Canberra has to offer.”

“Canberra is home to two touring NRS teams, CBR Women’s Team and Phoenix Cycling Collective, as well as Tiffen Cycling Team who has been racing the National Capital Tour every year it has been run. Add to that the massive representation of Canberra riders in teams such as Boss, Avanti, State of Matter/MAAP and Oliver’s, and you can see that this city needs a national level race to show off this talent as well as to provide a platform for local sponsors of these teams to easily leverage their association.”

“It is equally as important for the National Capital Tour to remain as the state’s premier open race. Our local cycling clubs have hundreds of members that travel thousands of kilometres throughout the year to race state open races in NSW and Victoria, so we’re returning the favour by providing some friendly competition as well as a local advantage to racing cyclists working their way up through the grading systems.”

Keep up-to-date with announcements about the National Capital Tour on their website, and if you’re on social media all announcements will also be shared on their Facebook page and via their Twitter handle – @NatCapTour.